Improve Your Home’s Plumbing With New Pipes

Improve Your Home’s Plumbing With New Pipes

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Are you concerned about the pipes in your home? If your home is more than 20 years old, your pipes might be at risk of corrosion. If they begin to corrode, it will lead to rusty water, leaky pipes and costly repairs.

To protect your home and your wallet, get in touch with Brumm Plumbing, Inc. today. Our pipe replacement team in Sacramento, CA makes it easy and affordable to change out your pipes. Call now to speak with us about the repiping services we offer in your area.

Install new piping in your home

Does your home have Kitec piping? If so, call Brumm Plumbing now. This bright blue and orange piping was extremely popular from 1995 to 2007. These pipes were made with brass fittings that wear out quickly. If not replaced, they could lead to significant water damage.

To protect your home from a costly piping problem, we offer a range of repiping services in Sacramento, CA. We can replace all your Kitec piping with new copper or PEX pipes. This will ease your mind and potentially save you a fortune in repair bills.

Contact Brumm Plumbing today to discuss your project with a pipe replacement specialist.